Pick Your Purple

Purple lipsticks are pretty popular during all seasons, a deep purple in fall or winter, or a pastel purple in spring or summer. While all purples don’t work for everyone, there is a purple out there for everyone.  Below are different shades of purple, not all of them work on me, I may have to alter them with a lip pencil to get them just right. My favorite lip pencil to use with purple lipsticks is maroon or burgundy in color.

These pictures are not the greatest. 😦



All of these lipsticks have a slight hint of shimmer, the shimmer is not to bold because I am not a fan of shimmer at all.

1. NYX- Aphrodite

2. NYX- Chloe

3. Revlon-457 Wild Orchid

4. NYX- Eggplant

5. NYX- Pandora

6. Black Radiance- 5004

7. NYX- Fusion

8. NYX’s Mega Shine Lip Gloss- African Queen

9. L’Oreal’s HIP Shine Struch Liquid Lip Color- Tainted

My favorite of this bunch is #2, NYX’s Chole.  It works great by itself or with #8 NYX’s Mega Shine Lip Gloss in African Queen.  #3 Revlon’s Wild Orchid and #6 Black Radiance’s 5004 are very similar, if not an exact dupe of #2.  So most of the time I use these interchangeably.



These lipsticks do not have any shimmer to them, but have a semi-matte or matte finish to them.

10. Nicka K- 301 Lavender Tint

11. MAC- Up the Amp

12. MAC- Rebel

13. NYX- Black Cherry

14. Wet n Wild- 916 D

15. Wet n Wild- 908 C

My favorite by far this winter was #12 MAC’s Rebel.  Rebel is popular with many people, it gave you a bold lip, with out being to dark, or settling for red.  Rebel tends to show up different on different skin tones, so I suggest trying it on before you purchase it. Although, I am sure you will love it if you want a lipstick that will stand out.  #15 Wet n Wild’s 908 C was also a go-to color this winter, it was a purple with a hit of red, which compliments darker skin tones. I have not had a chance to wear #10 Nicka K’s Lavender Tint but I am looking forward to wearing it this spring/summer.  I am thinking of pairing it with a maroon or burgundy lip pencil to deepen the color a bit. On darker skin a pastel color may show up chalky.

So be daring this spring/ summer and try a purple lipstick, I can assure you that you will not go wrong with the right choice.

Toodles. 🙂


It’s a Party, It’s a Party, It’s Paarrrtttyyy

On Friday, I celebrated my friend of 26+ years’ birthday.  It was a chance to get rachet, and let loose, I can say I definitely did both. It has been a while since I had fun like that.  I needed it. Sometimes, once a year, you need a day to let loose and be rachet.


Jacket: Vivienne Tam/ Shirt: Forever21/ Tanktop: Forever21/ Faux Leather Leggings: Mossimo for Target/ Shoes: Jessica Simpson/ Purse: Vintage/ Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet & Rings: Forever21, Aldo, Vintage




Happy Birthday Toya, may God continue blessing you with all that you want and all that you need. Stay focused on what your heart desires and it will be yours. 🙂

Candid in Kicks

On Sunday I had to run some errands and make a quick trip to the mall. It took me about an hour and a half to get dress. Why?, because I thought I wanted to get semi dressed up, but after trying on several different looks, I was not pleased, so I opted to just throw on something comfortable. Sneakers are have be huge trend for women within this last year, while a lot of women have been wearing them in the past, recently it has crossed over and been a style staple of its own. If you take a look at Instagram you will see how big the trend really is, even the celebrities that are usually in heels, have been seen wearing sneakers.


I have had my Blazers for a while, I bought them a few years ago, and only wore them a few times until recently. The last few months I have found myself wearing sneakers more then ever. This is something I am happy about since I am not a fan of heels!
I am still waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear my sneakers out, like really “out”, to a club or something! 🙂
*Side note: In an effort to let my hair breath, I took my weave out for a few days, so I have been rocking a bun. #NOFILTER , in other words: no makeup. I didn’t want to go though the hassle of doing makeup just to run errands.
Later that night I went to dinner with my friend, so I switched out my sneakers for riding boots. I need to look more presentable going into a restaurant.
Sweater: Design 365 @ Macy’s / Turtle Neck: Mossimo @ Target / Leggings: Premise @ Anne Sez/ Sneaker: Nike Blazers / Boots: From Burlington / Necklace: Forever21 / Bracelets: Vintage, Aldo, Forever21/ Watch: Aldo / Earrings: I dont remember!

*Fashion Alert: For my plus size readers- ASOS.com has just added a new brand, Inspire, to their Curve+ line. Inspire appears to be on the cheaper end of things, being that ASOS Curve+ can get expensive. They do not have a lot of item posted at this time, but I’m sure in the next few weeks they will have a lot more. I have my I on a few of the items that are posted! Go over to ASOS.com and check them out.

Wild in Red

Tending to various reader’s suggestions, I have decided to do a small lipstick haul. These are shades of the red/orange lipsticks I own. They are from a variety of brands and fit in to various price ranges.  There is a color here for everyone of any complexion.


It was hard to capture the lipstick colors accurately so I tried another method (below).


This photo is very accurate in terms of color.

1. Wet n Wild- 519 A

2. Wet n Wild- 520 E

3. Revlon- 710 Moon Drop

4. Wet n Wild- Spotlight Red 911D

5. Nicka K- Berry Plum (was not in the first photo)

6. Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion Lipstick- Shade 2

7. Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) ROUGE PUR- 1 Le Rouge: blood red

My Favorite is # 4, Wet n Wild’s- Spotlight Red, which is a dupe for MAC’s MAC Red (similar to MAC’s Ruby Woo). Spotlight Red is very rich in color, matte, and long lasting, you won’t have to keep reapplying, even after a meal.  I am not a fan of # 1 and # 2, which is the cheaper brand of Wet n Wild (yes there is an even cheaper brand). I have notice the silver tubes of Wet n Wild lipsticks do not have a huge color pay off, and are not long lasting. I wouldn’t waste my money on them again. The black tubes of Wet n Wild are great, amazing color pay off, and they last very long. They are extremely budget friendly, around $3 a tube, which is a less then a quarter of the price of a MAC lipstick.

Shades of red can be worn throughout the year, it brings a bit of sexy to any outfit. I hope at least one of these shades make it into your makeup bag, one can never go wrong with a shade of red. I will have more lipstick hauls to come. Comment below and tell me which of yours if your favorite! 🙂


Color Blocked

Last weekend I went to a day party at the W. There is nothing like a day party, I love them, go out early, have a good time, and make it home early enough to get sleep for work the next day. The place was so packed there really wasn’t an opportunity for me to take any pictures.



Dress: Vintage/ Necklace: Aldo/ Ring: Vintage/ Earrings: My moms!

Fashion Alert: Fellow blogger, Shauna Miller of Pennychic.com, has a LBD Penny Chic Collection at Walmart, all dress $20. A fashion steal!

Swap Party


First, I would like to start by thanking everyone that entered the Giveaway! I really appericate the comments and suggestions. I will be working to incoporate the ideas that you have given me into my blog. I have contacted the winner, and she is looking forward to receiving her goodies. I look forward to doing more giveaways in the future. Thank you again to all that entered, I really value your suggestions and opinions.

Last week I hosted a Swap Party.  A Swap Party is an opportunity for your to go through your closet and drawers and sort though slightly used (no junk!) items that you do not have use for. These items may include makeup, clothing, jewelry, nail polish, hair products..the list can go on and on. If you see something you want that someone else may have, and you have something they want you swap these items. Its almost like shopping for free! That night i swapped some earrings and bracelets, for a new curling iron, hair dye, and jewelry.




I should have taken pictures of my friends that  attended the party and the amazing meal that I prepared but as we all know I am terrible when it comes to remembering to take pictures.  This year I will make an effort to take pics of just about everything! I think it will be easier when I get a new phone, because the camera on my phone is trash! But anyway, plan a get-together and swap items with friends.


(A box of trash my friend brought, smh! LOL!)

Giveaway Time (CLOSED)

Its giveaway time! I am soo thankful for all of you that follow my blog, and my faithful readers. Thank you so much for your support and for sticking with me, even through my absences. As a token of my appreciation I would like to have a giveaway for you all.  The rules of this giveaway is: comment below- tell me what you would like to see featured on my blog. Please be sure to leave your name and email address so that I may contact the winner. This giveaway will close Wednesday, February 27th at 11:59pm.


I look forward to seeing what you all have to say. Good luck!