I been doing a little shopping, smh.  Let me know what you think!

 High waist bikini from Simply Be.
 The next pics are from Forever 21, Marshalls, Target and Anne Sez.
I hope you enjoyed..

Thrift Store Haul + Aldo Shoe

So I went thrift shopping the Sunday before the Forth of July, 50% off of everything, my kind of sale. These are a few items I picked up.

I can not wait to wear my new coral clutch, I am super excited.  I will be sure to take pics. The gold necklace with the multiple circles, I had gotten a while ago from a thrift store, and I just so happened to find a silver one. It looks like I am going to have to wait until the fall to wear the scarf.  But the colors are so rich and bold, I can’t wait.

These grey boots I got last week at a consignment boutique. Only $10!!  I cant wait to wear them and they are over the knee, not sure if I will do that though.

And lastly, I received these Aldo shoes, I was contemplating whether I should keep them or not. I feel as though I am going to fall forward because the front platform is short. But I have decided to keep them, besides they were a gift.  🙂

Thanks for looking, more post to come soon. Toodles

Personal Styling

So I got a call from a friend recently, she asked me to meet her at the mall.  She is trying to revamp her wardrobe and take some risk this summer, with style, cut, color, etc. I met her at the mall, the first place she wanted to go was BCBG. These are some of the looks I put together for her.  They had to be semi-standoutish, but still a little reserved.  We are trying something new here, so we cant go to extreme.

She was lookin for a blazer that she would wear with several different looks and that could carry from season to season.  Look at the detail on the back of the blazer, cuts into a upward “V”.  The skirt has great deal and adds some texture and style.  The color for her was a push, but I had to remind her that is the summer, a new year and a all around new look.

This was look was something so simple but yet was a stretch for her.  She never thought to wear a vest and thought that the color and size of the skirt make her look scandalous, lol.  But with her size she could really put this shirt off and bring some style to such a bright color, if she allow me to put it together.  With the gray vest it toned the color and the fit of the skirt down.  By the way yellow is a great color for the spring slash summer, and can be put with a variety of clothing choices.

When I saw these slacks I truly fell in love.  My friend was definitely against them, but I had to remind her yet again of the purpose of out meeting.  When she put them on she fell in love as well.  She said “I would have never thought to ever try these on.”  These slacks are great from season to season.  With the perfect and semi-simple top, and a gorgeous pump, this who look would be completed.  These black bellowed pocketed slack was by far my favorite piece she tried on.

This dress was the perfect color for the up coming season.  She was standoffish about the color, saying that it was a little to bright, but once she tried it on again she  fell in love.  The color, length, texture and slits on the sleeve give this dress the right about of sex appeal with out going over the top.  This dress is a great transitional dress from day to night.  Would look great running errands, or at a back yard bar-b-q with a nice pair of flat sandals in gold with a little of beading detail. And can transition into the evening with a nice gold strappy heel.   Without the belt the dress is a little boxy, and the belt helps give it definition and cinches in the waist to give even the most straight body some curves.

This romper is a great fit for the summer.  A basic color, but it allows you to spice up the look with a great accessories, shoes or sandals.  A romper is a must for the summer. A great transitional piece from day to evening with a change of shoes.  This was my second favorite look on her.  Something so basic with so many endless possibilities.  (Romper from Neiman Marcus)

I had so much fun styling my friend, she was a blank slate that just needed a push and to be shown the endless possibilities of fashion and style.  I equipped her with some good choices, options and ideas to build on for her summer look.


I stopped at Annie Sez on Tuesday just to see what they had out for spring, and to my surprise they had NOTHING! Nothing work looking at, talking about, NOTHING!!! Except one pair of shoes I thought were interesting. But other then that, they had NOTHING. I was truly disappointed because it had been a while since I paid them a visit. But the one pair of Lucky Brand- Becky flats I did see were very interesting. They has a great color, burnt orange/ carrot (Lucky’s terms) is a color you can wear in the spring and in the fall. Although not traditions for the spring, sling backs would be great before it gets too hot, and before that pedicure. The heart on the front of the shoe gives it a girly cutesy feel. These flats were sooo comfortable I really wanted to get them. But my foot is to wide for them. At first sight someone could truly be confused by these shoes, and not know what direction to go with these. Some may even hate them but I knew exactly what would look perfect with these. I would have paired them with cuffed boyfriend jeans or skinny cropped/ ankle jeans, with a white button up (boyfriend) dress shirt, a little loose fitting. Do you see my vision?