Good Friday

Last Friday I took the day off to spend with my girlfriends, while things did not go as planned I still had a good time and the weather was beautiful. That morning I got dressed real quick because I was rushing to see the movie Temptation but I had to wear what I picked out for the remainder of the day. Being that I was in such a rush I was surprised I loved the ensemble  that I put together. IMG_4145


Shaw off. This outfit served many purposes that day, the movie outfit, dinner and drinks outfit, and last minute I decided to go to a club, so I put on a fur vest (not pictured)- the club outfit.



Shaw: Thrifted/ Shirt: Forever21/ Pants: Target (old)/ Boots: Daffy’s (dont remember the brand)/ Hat: Old Navy (old)/ Purse: Necklace: Vintage/ Bracelets: Aldo, Forever21

Thanks for reading.  Toodles!



2 thoughts on “Good Friday

    • I thought I had applied to this a week ago, for some reason my reply isn’t showing.. Thanks for visiting my blog, and thank you for commenting. I was contemplating if I should even buy it when I first saw it. And I am happy I did, every time i wear it I get compliments on it. 🙂

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