Copy Cat

NeNe leaks & Jennifer Williams in Beverly Hills

I have been eyeing Nene Leake’s jeans for a while now. I love the way she wears the distressed jeans they look amazing on her. So me being me, I decided to create my own!

While heading out, I was looking at pictures of Nene’s jeans and I realized I was wearing something very similar.
To get this look I used a good pair of scissors, I cut the hole and used one side of the blade to shred and fray them the cut. I am going to add a larger hole to mine so they are more like Nene’s, or do you think I should do it to a lighter wash jean?
Shirt: Forever21/ Jeans: Old Navy/ Shoes: Steve Madden/ Purse: Thrifted/ Necklace: Thrifted/ Bracelet: Forever21, Aldo, Russell Simmons

3 thoughts on “Copy Cat

    • i will def do a pictorial if and when I do another pair.. and since summer is around the corner I may make some jeans.. thanks for reading and your comments šŸ™‚ I truly appreciate it.

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