Pick Your Purple

Purple lipsticks are pretty popular during all seasons, a deep purple in fall or winter, or a pastel purple in spring or summer. While all purples don’t work for everyone, there is a purple out there for everyone.  Below are different shades of purple, not all of them work on me, I may have to alter them with a lip pencil to get them just right. My favorite lip pencil to use with purple lipsticks is maroon or burgundy in color.

These pictures are not the greatest. 😦



All of these lipsticks have a slight hint of shimmer, the shimmer is not to bold because I am not a fan of shimmer at all.

1. NYX- Aphrodite

2. NYX- Chloe

3. Revlon-457 Wild Orchid

4. NYX- Eggplant

5. NYX- Pandora

6. Black Radiance- 5004

7. NYX- Fusion

8. NYX’s Mega Shine Lip Gloss- African Queen

9. L’Oreal’s HIP Shine Struch Liquid Lip Color- Tainted

My favorite of this bunch is #2, NYX’s Chole.  It works great by itself or with #8 NYX’s Mega Shine Lip Gloss in African Queen.  #3 Revlon’s Wild Orchid and #6 Black Radiance’s 5004 are very similar, if not an exact dupe of #2.  So most of the time I use these interchangeably.



These lipsticks do not have any shimmer to them, but have a semi-matte or matte finish to them.

10. Nicka K- 301 Lavender Tint

11. MAC- Up the Amp

12. MAC- Rebel

13. NYX- Black Cherry

14. Wet n Wild- 916 D

15. Wet n Wild- 908 C

My favorite by far this winter was #12 MAC’s Rebel.  Rebel is popular with many people, it gave you a bold lip, with out being to dark, or settling for red.  Rebel tends to show up different on different skin tones, so I suggest trying it on before you purchase it. Although, I am sure you will love it if you want a lipstick that will stand out.  #15 Wet n Wild’s 908 C was also a go-to color this winter, it was a purple with a hit of red, which compliments darker skin tones. I have not had a chance to wear #10 Nicka K’s Lavender Tint but I am looking forward to wearing it this spring/summer.  I am thinking of pairing it with a maroon or burgundy lip pencil to deepen the color a bit. On darker skin a pastel color may show up chalky.

So be daring this spring/ summer and try a purple lipstick, I can assure you that you will not go wrong with the right choice.

Toodles. 🙂

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