Candid in Kicks

On Sunday I had to run some errands and make a quick trip to the mall. It took me about an hour and a half to get dress. Why?, because I thought I wanted to get semi dressed up, but after trying on several different looks, I was not pleased, so I opted to just throw on something comfortable. Sneakers are have be huge trend for women within this last year, while a lot of women have been wearing them in the past, recently it has crossed over and been a style staple of its own. If you take a look at Instagram you will see how big the trend really is, even the celebrities that are usually in heels, have been seen wearing sneakers.


I have had my Blazers for a while, I bought them a few years ago, and only wore them a few times until recently. The last few months I have found myself wearing sneakers more then ever. This is something I am happy about since I am not a fan of heels!
I am still waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear my sneakers out, like really “out”, to a club or something! 🙂
*Side note: In an effort to let my hair breath, I took my weave out for a few days, so I have been rocking a bun. #NOFILTER , in other words: no makeup. I didn’t want to go though the hassle of doing makeup just to run errands.
Later that night I went to dinner with my friend, so I switched out my sneakers for riding boots. I need to look more presentable going into a restaurant.
Sweater: Design 365 @ Macy’s / Turtle Neck: Mossimo @ Target / Leggings: Premise @ Anne Sez/ Sneaker: Nike Blazers / Boots: From Burlington / Necklace: Forever21 / Bracelets: Vintage, Aldo, Forever21/ Watch: Aldo / Earrings: I dont remember!

*Fashion Alert: For my plus size readers- has just added a new brand, Inspire, to their Curve+ line. Inspire appears to be on the cheaper end of things, being that ASOS Curve+ can get expensive. They do not have a lot of item posted at this time, but I’m sure in the next few weeks they will have a lot more. I have my I on a few of the items that are posted! Go over to and check them out.

2 thoughts on “Candid in Kicks

    • yes, I love the sneaker wedges, I’m am just not sure about buying them with the warm weather right around the corner. Beyonce wears Isabel Marant, I’m pretty sure Wendy probably does too, but there are many different options at different price points.

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