Birthday with a Bang :)


Last Saturday was my birthday! I am truly thankful to be a year older, while I am getting closer and closer to 30, I am thankful because a lot of people don’t make it this far. Two weeks ago I celebrated my birthday along with my friend Lenice’s, whos birthday is the day after mine.  A group of us went to dinner at Benihana. As I always say, its always good to get together with friends over food, drinks and conversation. 



Blazer: thrifted, Shirt: OVI, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Steve Madden





If you signup on Benihana’s mailing list you will receive a $30 birthday voucher, that will count toward dinner. If you Google “birthday coupons”, you will find a list of places that have different offers for your birthday!

Also, to celebrate my birthday, me and two friends got together the following day for happy hour at Loft 47.



My next post will feature my birthday vacation! Stay tuned, Toodles 🙂

TREND ALERT: The combination of black and white seems to be making a strong appearance for the transitional period from winter to spring. Look in the windows of your favorite stores next time your at the mall. Although black and white is very “black to the basics”, I am liking this trend and the different looks that I have been seeing. 🙂


First Party of the Year

I’ve been a little M.I.A. due to the new year, a computer malfunction, a birthday and a vacation, but there is no excuse for my absence. My first outing of the year was spent with a few friends a few weeks ago.



I wore- Dress: Forever21 / Stockings: Target / Shoe: Shoe Dazzle
Necklace: Vintage / Bracelets: Vintage

A Look Back at the Last Year (2012 Recap)

I am truly looking forward to this new year. I am thankful that I have mad it in good health and in my right mind.  2012 had its up and downs, mostly ups, but I am looking forward to excelling this new year. I feel 2013 will have many rewarding experiences, and it will be the opportunity for me to excel in every aspect of my life.  I also feel that this will be the year of great things for my friends and my family, I just feels right!

Below is a recap if my looks of last year, so you may have seen, others you haven’t. ENJOY 🙂

wpid-Resampled_2012-12-22_23-07-51_199.jpg wpid-Resampled_2012-12-22_23-07-04_842.jpg Photo on 2012-03-10 at 09.09 #2 IMG_7849 IMG_7846 IMG_3833 wpid-IMG_2052.jpg 548764_979540246579_430372126_n 417089_968929710179_26622249_n 44901_971645263189_1819975660_n 578035_862175621229_1322369347_n 530118_10101413103526089_675904202_n 542075_10101413105067999_1842699553_n IMG_3832 IMG_3816 IMG_3806 IMG_3787 IMG_3763 IMG_3778 IMG_3776 IMG_3729 IMG_3733 IMG_3722 IMG_3704 IMG_3701 IMG_3667 IMG_3641 IMG_3622 IMG_3612 IMG_3609 IMG_3598 IMG_3509 IMG_3499 IMG_3450 photo-4


Happy New Year!!! Toodles 🙂