Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to see my muse Solange. As stated in a previous post I love her!! Not only did I see my love, I also had the pleasure of meeting my other loves/ best friends (in my head), Kevin and Maekel of The Skorpion Show on YouTube (watch them here).

Solange just released a new album TRUE (get it on iTunes). Being at a Solange concert is an experience. It was filled with a “different kind of energy”. While I do not partake it that kind of “energy”, the music puts you mind and spirit in a relaxed, calming mood. I really enjoyed myself.


(Smh, Photo is kind of blurry)


Meeting my other loves Kevin and Makael was also an experience. I ran into Kevin at the bar, of course, he was soooo friendly, humble and extremely funny. It was like running into someone I have known for years.


I wasn’t sure about meeting Makael, he comes off a little stand-off-ish on video, but I wasn’t leaving the venue until I saw him. I waited until the very end and caught up.with him at coat check. He too was very humble and friendly and was more then willing to take a picture.


All in all, I had the chance to see three of my favorite people in one night. What a great way to close out my year! Thank you Philly.

*Next month I will be doing some kind of give away for my birthday, stay tuned*

Enjoy you weekend.. Toodles 🙂

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