Coming to an End…

Truthfully I didn’t want to post this Birchbox and with different things going on in my life, this post was delayed.  I was terribly disappointed with last month’s Birchbox.  I had a choice of the regular Birchbox, or the Goop Birchbox, I opted for the Goop Birchbox, terrible mistake.  Birchbox sent out an email asking its members if they would like the Goop Birchbox for the Month of November, or if they wanted to get their regular box.  They did not give members much information about Goop, other then that they incorporate all 5 senses.  I figured why not try something new, smh.



LUNA: Lemon Zest Bar- When I first saw this little treat I was excited because it seemed to be something healthy and have lemon flavoring. When I open the packaged I was not as excited but I still was willing to give it a chance.  When I bit into the LUNA bar I quickly spit it out. The LUNA bar was not to my liking. It taste dry and like cardboard, end up throwing it away.

Malin+Goetz: Bergamot Body Wash- This foaming body wash synthesizes natural bergamot with amino acid-based cleansing agents.  It is expected to balance all skin types especially sensitive and eczema prone skin.  I did not use this product because I had an issue with their other product, which I will explain later in the post., but its nothing against their products.

Ouidad Curl Quencher: Hydrafusion Intense Curl Cream- The Curl Cream is said to hydrate and leave curls defined.  I haven’t had a chance to use this product, because I am attached to the products I already used.  If it isn’t broke, I won’t fix it.

Sprout Lip Balm: Truly All-natural Cocoa Lip Balm- I refused to use this lip balm, even when my lips were chapped, I don’t like the smell of cocoa, therefore I could not put it on my lips. 😦

Malin+Goetz: Grapefruit Face Cleanser- This product was the downfall of my week at the time.  It was not the fault of the product itself but the fault of my own.  I used the product one night, and the next morning my whole face broke out, I soon found myself in the dermatologist office.  I had recently learned that I have an allergy to zesty things, I am not able to eat an orange, but I can drink orange juice, strange I know.  Do to my allergic reaction I was not able to give a full review of this product, but the product is said to hydrate and protect skin from daily pollutants.

Super Goop!: City Sunscreen Serum- After my last debacle, with product above, I refused to use anything else on my face or skin for fear that I may breakout again.  So this product I was also not able to test.  The reviews I read for this product say that this lightweight product was a good addition to your daily routine, and that it works well under foundation.

After testing this box, I decided that Birch Box was no longer for me, I can no longer test random products on my skin. Also, I am not sure that Birchbox is geared their boxes to please all ethnicities.  My next Birchbox post will be my last.  I am now looking into other boxes that may peek my interest.  Two that I am currently looking into is and  If you know anything about these subscriptions or others comment below with reviews or suggestions.

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