Fall Must Haves

With Fall basically here, there are a few things that I need to make my fall months spectacular.

Fall Needs

1. A great and fashionable overcoat, very stylish.  I love!

2. I need a beautiful and rich looking blazer.

3. Something gold and glittery.  When you were a dress like this, even though you are totally covered up, it still makes you feel sexy. 🙂

4. I would like something leather. I actually have a pair of leather leggings that haven’t had worn, I will try to break those in this season (they have been in my closet for 2 years, SMH).

5. I have wanted a heavy oversized sweater since last winter, this year I BETTER find one. It’s a great alternative to a coat.

6. I need, need, need a black pair of jeans to wear with flats and a nice pair of boots or heels. Something about black jeans look very clean, and chic.

7. A dark wash pair of skinny jeans, goes with anything, dress them up or dress them down. Everyone needs a pair!

8. I want something nautical looking (I’m not sure why), this skirt does it for me.

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