I See You..

Hey all, its been a little while, how have you been? These are a few glasses I have purchased in the last  couple of weeks.

I went to the eye doctor and now I need glasses for distance.  Here are two that I purchased on Giant Vintage. I am not sure which look I am going for but tell me what you think. I will post pics of me wearing these frames once I get my prescription put in them. **All pics were taken with my phone when I thought I lost my camera, sorry for the quality**

Yes, they are over sized, but thats what I like about them. At first I thought I hated them but they are now growing on me.  I love the old man feel to them.

I purchased these because I had tried on a friends that were similar and had received a few compliments.  They are still growing on me, I’m still considering if I will get my prescription filled on these.

Lastly, these sunglasses were purchased when I went to the “Girl’s Night Out” event.

They have a retro feel to them. They are tortious shell brown with gold trim around the lens.  Do you like?

I hope all is well, I will be back later this week with at least one more post. Toodles

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