A Night on the Town

Sorry I am a little late posting, I thought I had lost my camera, I was devistated but I found it and all is well. 🙂 But anyway, Last Thursday, me and a few of my friends went to “Girls Night Out”, a social event for women to mingle and shop in local stores and boutiques.  Some for the stores were offering up to 25% off your entire purchase, others were giving away prizes and gift bags, but one thing they all had in common was free food and drinks, this was to keep the customers in the store.  I have attempted to put myself on a budget so I only purchased one item, a pair of sunglasses, even though I told myself I was not buying anything. But they were are great buy! I will post pics of my new sunnies later.

I decided to dress comfy because I would be walking around and I was advised not to dress up. LOL.


This boutique had really great clothes, great styles and a variety of spring and summer colors.

One of my male friends met up with us quickly since he was in the area.  I like what he had on so I asked him if I can feature him here on my blog here goes.

What do you think?

I Wore:

Tie-dyed Tank: Target

Jean Jacket: Calvin Klein

Leggings: Jon Den

Flip Flops: A gift from my aunt.

Purse: Vintage Gucci

All Jewlery: All Thrifted

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