NJ’s Full Figured Fashion Week Sneak Peek Day 2

Hey all, I am sorry I have been slacking, I have been MIA, just been a little busy with different things going on around me. This is just going to be a quick post on of Day 2 like a promised. ENJOY 🙂

This was the best night of the sneak peek weekend.  The venue was gorgeous. Everything about it was beautiful and elegant. The fashion this evening was by far the best of the two nights.  The designers were well chosen for such special evening.  The quality of their designs surpassed all my expectations, being that they were very low because of the night before, lol, I have to be honest.

Carl Thomas was there, he preformed, and he still got it-meaning his voice!!! He’s handsome though.


This is during his performances.


Here are a few of his most popular songs.  Sorry I could not figure out how to rotate the video. But watch closely Carl Thomas is funny on  the low. Some parts of the videos he really has me laughing.  **For some reason I can not figure out how to get the videos posted but as soon as I do, I will put them up, Sorry 😦 **


This is what I wore.



Jacket: Vivienne by Vivienne Tam

Tank-top: Target

Pants: Thrifted [they were supposed to be cropped the but hem I put in them fell when I got to the venue 😦 ]

Shoes: Aldo

Clutch: Thrifted

Hope you enjoyed!

2 thoughts on “NJ’s Full Figured Fashion Week Sneak Peek Day 2

  1. I really like your piece. I love that you thrift thats my fav you can find all types of goodies. I really would have liked to know who some of the designers in the show were. Keep up the good work.

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