Thrift Store Haul + Aldo Shoe

So I went thrift shopping the Sunday before the Forth of July, 50% off of everything, my kind of sale. These are a few items I picked up.

I can not wait to wear my new coral clutch, I am super excited.  I will be sure to take pics. The gold necklace with the multiple circles, I had gotten a while ago from a thrift store, and I just so happened to find a silver one. It looks like I am going to have to wait until the fall to wear the scarf.  But the colors are so rich and bold, I can’t wait.

These grey boots I got last week at a consignment boutique. Only $10!!  I cant wait to wear them and they are over the knee, not sure if I will do that though.

And lastly, I received these Aldo shoes, I was contemplating whether I should keep them or not. I feel as though I am going to fall forward because the front platform is short. But I have decided to keep them, besides they were a gift.  🙂

Thanks for looking, more post to come soon. Toodles

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