*I Was In Bermuda Biatch*

So I went to Bermuda for a few days in February for my birthday, which was in January.  I had the most amazing time and I didn’t even hit the beach, actually i didn’t get in the water.

So prior to leaving for my trip I said, “I want this trip to be the start of my fashion blog.  I am going to take pictures of the the people, and see what the common trends are.”  The first night I took a few pics, had a few drinks and took very few more pics.  My fashion pics ended that night. But I do have a few so I will post those.

Here we have bleached jeans and a blazer.  I think this style is very similar to what we would were in Jersey.  Maybe not that particular blazer but you get the idea.

The shoes are the same as Jersey, why, because this Bermuda native brought them in Jersey.  A lot of  Bermudians come to the New Jersey/ New York area for shopping because things are so expensive in Bermuda.

The one guy I ask if I can take his picture.  I explain to him why, but I am pretty sure he had no clue what I said because the music was sooo loud.

Two girl’s bags, shoes and tights.  I noticed a big trend was over the shoulder/cross the chest bags.  Again the tights and the shoes are def something you would see in Jersey.

For some reason this site won’t allow me to rotate this pic. But I forgot I did ask someone else if i could take their pic.

Sorry I cant crop any of these pics.  But the lady in blonde had her own fashion sense to her.  The blonde color was great for her personality and looked good on her. Also her ring gets honorable mention.

Bermuda was a great great place to visit and I can’t wait to go back.  I feel like its a 2nd home.  I love Bermuda.  There fashion is equally similar to that of New Jersey seeing that majority of the people we are influenced by pop culture.  Also an interesting fact is that young Bermudians listen to A LOT, A LOT, A LOT of southern rap.  Gucci Mane played a major part in our nights… and days, but I think this is because Bermuda is off the cost of South Carolina, which is in the south.

The pics to follow are random shots.  I hope you enjoyed.. Nite!